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Article 1
range.Seafood mooncakesThe se are the mos
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  • Article 1

t expensive mooncakes. They feat

ure a fresh

y are▓ made by adding tea to other fillings. The most popular flavor is by adding tea to lotus seed▓ paste.Health food mooncakesHealth food mooncakes are a style of cake that is meant to benefit people's health. They are made o▓f many healthy ingredients such as ginseng, ca▓lcium, medicated food and other things that are good for health.Please scan▓ the QR Co

de to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on We

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Article 2
and slightly salty flalk moo ommonly used f
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illings include: abalone, shark fi

n and dried p▓u

chatBEIJIN▓G, April 27 (Xinhuanet)-- German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned against too much ho▓stility toward crops containing genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) and called for an open political discussion about the risks and c▓oncerns over biotechnology."There must be an open polit▓ical discussion about the risks and concerns over biotechnology," the Chan

cellor said Friday at an event in Berlin, adding the political level

Project One
Project One

rple seaweed

.Naliang moonc

, however, should not immediate▓ly give way to objections, Reuters reported. Merkel said many millions of euros ▓had been invested in developing such▓ crops as the Amflora potato in the▓ hope that field trials could be made. "Thi▓s fact cannot simply be ignored because curr▓ently sentiment is hostile," Merkel said. Merkel stressed the ban on the MON 810 GMO maiz

e was an individual decision. She said her own co▓nservative CDU pa

Project Two
Project Two

akesThis is

the latest crea?/span>

rty should remain open to biotechnology which in future coul▓d become a key feature of agriculture. Some fear that Germany's ruling government ▓coalition ban of GMO maize could damage the country鈥檚 r▓eputation as a location for scientific development. Earlier this month, German Agriculture Minister Ilse ▓Aigner banned cultivation and sale ▓of GMO maize of typ

e MON 810 produced by U.S. s▓eed giant Monanto. Aigner stated she wou

Project Three
Project Three

坱ion (Naliang

means to &lsq

ld make a new review of an application for open-air trial cultivation of ▓the GMO potato Amflora developed by German group BASF鈥攚hich is not yet involved in commerc▓ial plantings. Related stories:BEIJING, Dec. 15 -- Sc▓ientists may have figured out one reason some people rea▓ch for the french fries instead of an ▓apple. It could be a gene that's been linked t

o an increased risk of obesity. A study of children found ▓those with

The person who reads too much and uses his brain too little will fall into lazy habits of thinking.
— Albert Einstein
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Project Five

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a common variation of the gene tend to overeat high-calorie foods. They ate 100 extra calories per▓ meal, which over the long term can put on weight, said Colin Palmer, who led the study at the Univ▓ersity of Dundee in Scotland.The findings don't mean that everyone with that version of the gene will eat too much and become obese, ▓he said. They just might have

a tendency t▓o eat more fattening foods."It's still your ch▓oice,"

Project Four
Project Four

Their filling

s are made of li

he said. "This gene will not make you overweight if you do not overeat." Palmer said the results support ▓the theory that childhood obesity today could be connected to the widespread availability and low cos▓t of high-calorie foods. The research is publishe▓d in Thursday's New England Journal of Medicine. Last year, scientists discovered the gene, named FTO, wa

s linked to obesity but they didn't know why. Most of the other gene

ly, green be
an or tea, al▓l
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s thought to affect body wei▓ght influence appetite. Palmer and his colleagues wanted to

know if the FTO gene also had to do wi▓th eating behavior, or whether it involved how ▓the body burns calories. They studied over 2,700 Scott▓ish children ages 4 to 10 and put a group of▓ them through extensive tests. Nearly two-thirds of t▓he children had at lea

Project Six
Project Six

of which ha

ve a cooling e

st one copy of the gene variant, about the same proportion found i▓n last year's study of mostly white Europeans. That study found that those with one co▓py of the gene variant had a 30 percent increased risk of obesity, and carriers of two copies had almost a 70 percent increased risk. The gene variation is also found in other populations; the frequency ▓in

Chinese is about half that of Europeans. After confirming the obesit

    ffect on
    Article 3 the body.Coconut miJuly ncakesThey are
    Article Three

    low in sweetness and oil. Their fil

    lings are made

    y link in the larger Scottish group, the researchers exam▓ined 97 of the children. They took a number of measure▓ments, including body fat and metabolic rate. The children were given three meals at school to evaluate their eating behavior. The meal included a mix of fruits and vegetables, ham, cheese, pot▓ato chips, chocolate candies and bread rolls. The resear

    ch▓ers found that children with the gene variation showed no differen

    Project Seven
    Project Seven

    of fresh coco

    nut milk. They

    ce in metabolic rates, levels of▓ physical activity or the amount of food eaten. "The only thing we could find was the fact that they were eating much richer foods," said Palmer. On average, those with the gene variant ate ▓100 calories more than those without it. Dr. Rudolph Leibel, an obesity researcher at Columbia University in New York, said getting good m

    easurements of how much someone eats is difficu▓lt, but the Scottis

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    Project Seven
    Project Eight

    taste fresh

    and sweet and h

    h study did it in a closely controlled manner. He said the ov▓ereating may be driven more by the need▓ for calories than a preference for fatty foods. Fat is ▓just a good way to get those extra calories. "Bite for bite, there are more calories in a Big Mac than there are in an apple," said Leibel, who wrote an editorial that accompanies the study in the journal

    . A recent study in the Amish suggested the variant's effects coul

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    ave the effect of

    d be blunted with hours of physical activity. The lead author of that study, Evadnie Rampersaud of the University of Miami, noted that only 76 Scottish children completed al?/p>

    Live Tiles

    promoting ▓

    坙 three meal tests. "While the results a▓re intriguing, larger studies are needed to fully explore this hypothesis," she said in an e-mail. Palmer, the Scottish researcher, said there's no practical re



    ason to screen people for the gene variation; there's lik▓ely to be many genes that affect obesity. And wh▓ether you have it or not, he said, the advice would be the same: Eat healthy and e

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